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    USR files the same for Mac



      USR files the same for Mac & Windows?


      In the runtime app I'm developing, if I redo the runtime solution for Mac after making changes, can I simply copy the USR files into the Windows runtime if they have the same bindkey? I've got runtimes made for both, but it would be nice not to have to do the process twice.

      Is the runtime app file (and exe file) always the same for any solution--is it affected by the content of the USR file? Apart from the bindkey?




      Jim Eddy 

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          IF you have bound the files once on each platform, you can make subsequent updates on one machine and simply copy them into the generated folder on the other--as long as the bind key is the same.


          The purpose of the bind key is to limit a given executable to being able to access only a given set of Filemaker pro files. Except for that difference, each run time mac executable will be the same as any other run time mac executable generated from the same release version of filemaker. The same is true for the windows executables.