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    USR Help



      USR Help


           I have a program that has stopped working. The program stored its data in .usr files. When I check the version of the usr files it says filemaker version 1.  The company has gone out of business.

           What I would like to do is access the data within those files and convert it to a readable format such as excel. I have been unable to figure out a solution

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               .USR was the default file extension for a filemaker runtime file--a file created to run on a computer without the user needing to separately purchase and install FileMaker Pro on your computer. "version 1" can't mean FileMaker version 1 as a version that old was never used to create such runtime files.

               Do you have any idea why/how it "stopped working"? Did you save any installer file or disk provided by the original developer?

               It's possible that you can open this file using a 30 day trial install of FileMaker. Most likely, this is a runtime created by FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 and all of these used the same file type.

               Try downloading the trial install of FileMaker 11: http://info.filemaker.com/Us_en_FileMaker_Pro_11_Trial.html and see if you can use "open" from FileMaker's file menu to open the file. If so, you can then export data in the file into tab, csv or Excel file formats. You may have to change the file extension to .fp7 before you can get this to work and the Developer may have put a password on the file that prevents you from doing this.

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                 I installed filemaker 11 and they wont open. Even called filemaker and was told to go back to the original system it was on and try to open it. Installing the software works fine. But it doesnt like the usr files. ive tried backups upon backups and no luck. Thats why i was wondering if their was a way to atleast access the data to a readable format so I can move forward. There is info in those files I need to access.

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                   I did mention that you might have to change the file extension to .fp7 before you could open the file. .USR files are exactly the same as a Filemaker Pro file in structure, they just have a different file extension specified.

                   But it might be a file from an older version. See if the FileMaker 6 trial copy that you can install from a link inside this knowledgebase article will work: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting


                        ive tried backups upon backups and no luck.

                   But was there any change that appears to be the cause of this system that suddenly "stopped working"? Did you try moving the files to a new computer with a new version of the OS?


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                     thank you so much for your help. your process works for a few of the files unfortunately they are useless files like zip codes etc.. the rest of them it goes thru an import process then nothing but garbeled data. weird thing is that it does the same on my backups as well..