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UTF8 characters only

Question asked by KelvinAitken on Apr 28, 2014
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UTF8 characters only


     This is a bit of a strange one.

     I have a filemaker database which tracks my images. I do all sorts of great stuff with it, creating web pages, dumping keywords and captions into existing documents, etc. One of the things I do is run an applescript to create an xml image sitemap for my website. I also have TextWrangler insert captions into basic web pages created in Photoshop.

     The problem is the apostrophe. I use a mac laptop for most of my work running OSX 10.8.5 and when I enter in an apostrophe like this: '  it enters a character which is not Unicode UTF-8 compatible. The compatible character looks similar but is different, looking like this: '

     It's more vertical in appearance. Anyhoo, what I want is to be able to bang away in Filemaker knowing that every time I use an apostrophe that it will be the correct unicode utf-8 character. 

     Is there a way I can set up Filemaker to only use Unicode UTF-8 characters? Or is this a OS system issue?