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utf8, filemaker 10, sql-server 2000, a funny import problem

Question asked by kapitaen_1 on May 25, 2009


utf8, filemaker 10, sql-server 2000, a funny import problem


Hi all,

again a funny problem with filemaker from germany.


I have a tab delimited textfile with data. Some of the fields contain utf8 encoded characters. These data must be loaded to filemaker, filtered, and then loaded from filemaker to sql server 2000.


this works correct:

importing the tab delimited text file to Filemaker. The utf8 encoded characters will be displayed correctly in Filemaker. Filtering, and then inserting the data by a row-by-row udbc command from Filemaker to sql server. All utf8 will be displayed correctly in sql-server. I made a external data source in filemaker that connects to sql server. The date is shown correctly, i can work with Filemaker as grafical frontend with the data, i can add, update, delete in sql server and in filemaker, all is shown correctly on the other side. I should be happy.


But... the data contain 6.800.000 rows (six point eight million rows). And the row-by-row inserting from Filemaker to Sql-Server will run several days.


this doesnt work

So i tried to tell filemaker to import its internal data file directly to the external data source. Yes, the direct import from internal to external worked much faster than the row-by-row odbc command. BUT ... now the utf8 data fields have been corrupted and displayed as some empty box characters inside sql server.


What did i oversee? Where must i begin to search? All charater conversion works ok, every utf8 data will be shown correctly. With the exception of importing from internal data file to external data source. Then they will be corrupted.


Whe importing text files to Filemaker, i can select utf8 conversion. When doing my odbc insert command, i can tell which field is utf8 and which one not. But when i import internal to external, there is no such choice.


Any ideas? Suggestions? Every hint is welcome. (please no dts package or doing a odbc select statement from sql server to filemaker, i dont have every time the required access rights to the sql server machine).



Thank you!

greetings from germany