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Utilizing Filemaker 12 to Create Subclips in Final Cut Pro 7

Question asked by BarretBowman on Feb 14, 2013
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Utilizing Filemaker 12 to Create Subclips in Final Cut Pro 7


 Hello, I am pretty fresh to this program and have spent the last week or two doing my best to familiarize myself with the process of creating your own working database. I am now at a place in which I have a task I'd absolutely love to be capable of creating. I'm just not sure how to do it or if it's even possible. Below is an image of the "very basic" and mock layout I have set up. I can import all of my clips from FCP7 into FMP12 via batch list, I got that far. I was now wondering how I could link the actual clips to the video container field and use the buttons to not only control the video (pause, play, next frame, etc) but make markers or more specifically, sub clips. We are going to be shooting a lot of footage for multiple projects for months to come and we need a mothership of all this information in which we can search keywords and other info quickly and precisely. If we can take the clips straight from FCP7 and import them into FMP12 and not only organize but note, sub-clip, and mark these clips that would be ideal. At that point, we would then like to export JUST the sub clips back into FCP7 in which they actually somehow show up in the FCP7 browser window. Worst case scenario, if the timestamps/markers from the in and out points of the sub-clips could be visible on the original clip once exported back to FCP7. If all of that is at all possible it would also be extremely helpful to set hot keys for specific buttons in the layout. Any help would be tremendously appreciated as we are on a time crunch. Thanks in advance, Barret Bowman Easton Bell Sports