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    Utoh...repeating field vs ?



      Utoh...repeating field vs ?


      Hi Gang,

      FM version 6.0v2 (windows)

      I've been doing a lot of reading and have found that I probably need to stay away from repeating fields, but I am not sure how to solve my issue. So I'm posting for your expert advice.

      In our Production Log table, there are several repeating fields (Station #; Item Code; Shot Size; Cycles; & Bad Sheets). Each is set to 18 repititions and all displayed vertically. We create a new record each day for each machine running. There is other data we keep in each record (production hours, who is at what station, etc.) The data in each repeating field varies.

      I have been trying to import the records into a clone & separating them out, but it doesn't seem to be the solution I need as I will be reporting by Item Code and need all those values in one field. Correct?


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          Sounds like you need a related file/table of records. That requires a unique key in your parent table.

          One such record would have a nonrepeating set of fields for each of the fields you've listed so that one repetition of your current data will be one record in the new table. Up to 18 of such related records would all be linked by a common value to that unique key in your current file/table.

          What does one record in your current table represent?

          You may want to research the term "portal" in FileMaker help as this is a likely tool you may use for working with your new table of related records from your current layout in your original file.

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            Currently, one record represents one machine a day. We have 5 machines in production, so on any given day I could have up to 5 records.

            In the Production Log, there is an ID field which is auto-enter serial number. So for the unique key, I just need to check that box on the validation tab in the options pop-up.

            I don't have any experience with portals, but I'm definitely willing to learn. Besides the Boss, I am the only one who touches FM - so some "hand-holding" would be greatly appreciated.

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              Please study up on Portals. I'll be glad to answer questions, but a little reading on your part can help the process along by filling in "background details" for you. Portals are a very useful tool in FileMaker that have been in use since the release of FileMaker 3 (the first relational version of FileMaker).

              Your ID field in the Production Log file is the ideal field for setting this up.

              You can define a new table with at least the following fields: LogID, Station #; Item Code; Shot Size; Cycles; & Bad Sheets.

              You can import your existing data from your current file into this new file and use a special import option to split the repeating fields into separate records. Then you can define a relationship from your current file to the new file that matches records by LogID (and there's an option in the relationship definition dialog that allows you t create new records in the related file that you'll want to enable ).

              With that relationship, you can replace your repeating fields on your current layout with a portal to the new related file of log records.

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                YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured out Portals!!! Only took me 2 days to get my set up correct...now for the report: summarizing portal data. Oh joy!

                Thank you for your help, Phil...much appreciated =)

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                  Create your report in the new table and define a relationship in it that links back to your original file by the same ID field. Then you can display data as needed from your original file in headers, sub-summary parts, etc to produce the needed report. You can define summary fields in the new file to compute totals, averages, subtotals etc.

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                    That's exactly what I thought I'd be doing.

                    on a side note: before March, I never heard of FileMaker. Worked briefly with MS Access, so thankfully I had a starting point. But I must say that I am having fun building our database; even though there's a stress headache once in a while! AND  this is a great place for resources because the Help file just cut it all the time.

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                      I realize there's a significant cost involved, but I would upgrade to FileMaker 11 as soon as possible. It's getting increasingly difficult to install FileMaker 6 on a new computer and get it to work.