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Question asked by PaulLawrence on Oct 24, 2013
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UUID & Foreign Key & Drop-Down List


     FMP-12 & iMac

     The problem I have is how to relate one record to another using a drop-down list. (Perhaps the real problem is that I haven't touched FM for 2 years!)

     I have two tables; PRIMARY and SECONDARY. Each table has a UUID. The PRIMARY table has a foreign key field for the SECONDARY table. Both tables are populated now, but not related by data. I want to manually relate the two tables. (They are related in the RELATIONSHIP graph.)

     I create a simple layout for the PRIMARY table that includes the foreign key field (temporarily.) I also have field that displays the NAME field from the SECONDARY table to show the related data.

     The foreign key field is formatted as a drop-down list with a value list referenced.

     The value list is created with the UUID field from the SECONDARY table with a second field that shows the NAME field from the SECONDARY table. Only the NAME field is displayed in the drop-down list.

     The problem here is that I don't want to display the UUID in the drop-down list, but I do want it to be entered into the foreign key field of the PRIMARY table. I only want the user to select from a drop-down list of NAMES.

     The idea was to minimize the length of the drop-down list field (UUID) to just show the drop-down arrow and place that at the right border of the NAME field.

     Well, that doesn't work, because now the drop-down list of NAMES is offset way down the page by the length of the UUID!

     Is there no way to use the drop-down list in this fashion, or am I just muddled in my thinking?

     Perhaps I'm approaching the table linking process in the wrong way?