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UUID in Value List.  Startup Issues

Question asked by obidon on Feb 28, 2013
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UUID in Value List.  Startup Issues


     I have two databases, one containing the Main System, the other contains user PREFS. The main system is local (desktop/ipad) and the prefernces are hosted.

     The Preference file contains a series of tables which allows the user admin staff to manage value lists, default settings etc.  Some of the lists are hierarchical and upto 5 deep. Each list record contains a UUID and description.

     When applying value lists to popup menus in the Main system, the `first field UUID second field description` technique is used.

     I have noticed on occassion, when launching the system, the popup menus in existing records contain the UUID and not the second field data.

     I have opened the preference file(hidden) as part of the startup script, but to no avail.  Any ideas?