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    UUID in Value List.  Startup Issues



      UUID in Value List.  Startup Issues


           I have two databases, one containing the Main System, the other contains user PREFS. The main system is local (desktop/ipad) and the prefernces are hosted.

           The Preference file contains a series of tables which allows the user admin staff to manage value lists, default settings etc.  Some of the lists are hierarchical and upto 5 deep. Each list record contains a UUID and description.

           When applying value lists to popup menus in the Main system, the `first field UUID second field description` technique is used.

           I have noticed on occassion, when launching the system, the popup menus in existing records contain the UUID and not the second field data.

           I have opened the preference file(hidden) as part of the startup script, but to no avail.  Any ideas?


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               If a Popup menu uses a value list that hides the first field value, it will show the second field value unless the record with that first field value in the table that serves as the value source has been deleted. Then, since there is no second field value that corresponds with the actual data entered in the field, it shows the first field value.

               Given your setup with preferences on the server and FM GO clients, it's possible that there may be other issues that are keeping your local copy from successfully connecting to the hosted preferences file and I can imagine how that might produce what you are seeing, but check the actual values also to rule out the first possible cause for this issue.

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                 My client is hosting the 2nd file, and simply hadn't paid his service provider's bill blush