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v11 button parameter evaluation

Question asked by TomElliott on Mar 12, 2010


v11 button parameter evaluation



 Script1 is paused

 Button is activated to run Script2 and pass 'Get ( ScriptParameter )' as parameter


In previous versions any parameter that had been passed to Script1 would be passed to Script2 via the button call


In v11 nothing is passed to Script2 via the button call. This appears to be linked to the change to Script Debugger whereby button calls appear in SD. When activated the button's call appears as: Perform Script ["Script2"; Parameter: Get ( ScriptParameter )] in the display area of SD and so it would appear that the script step is being treated as a one line script meaning that when it runs Get ( ScriptParameter ) evaluates to empty since the current 'script' has no parameter.


I would welcome a response from FMI stating whether this change in behaviour is intended or not