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    v11 ODBC Connection



      v11 ODBC Connection


      I was interested in purchasing FileMaker 11 Pro Advanced. I did sign up for the 30-day trial of FileMaker 11 Pro.

      Install went smoothly.

      After about 4 hours of trying to make an ODBC/JDBC connection to a MySQL database I just gave up.

      Tried a couple more hours to connect to a MSSQL database with the same results.

      Downloaded all of the .PDF docs, read through most of them.


      I can use PhP, .NET and Delphi with no problems.

      I've never had such a difficult time making a connection to a database before.

      What's up?

      ... Or is there a limitation imposed on the 30-day trial?


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          First of all you have to make an system DNS on your system. On Windows download an ODBC 3.51 driver (Mac Actual ODBC driver not free) and install it as an system DNS. Configure and test it and then you can add an external datasource to your Filemaker application.


          I agree that it is hard to find the simple answer in Filemaker documentations.


          Good Luck!