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v3 Sliding Not Working

Question asked by BryanN on Oct 30, 2012
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v3 Sliding Not Working


     So I updated yesterday and while it fixed some known issues, it created another.   In my printable forms (quotes, purchase orders, etc), I am using a List View with form data in the header, the line item info in the body and then some footer info.  I have the line item description field set to be a good majority of the page size (so we can have multiline descriptions) set to slide up based on all objects above and resizing the enclosing part.  I have attached a screen shot of a sample.  Before v3, it would side up the line item descritpion field to only take as many lines as typed and then display the next line item below it.  It is now not doing that.  Insead, it is printing up 2 pages, one with each line item on them  Any idea why?