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    Validate a date field



      Validate a date field


      I'm tracking the status of something.


      i have various date fields - origin, first phase, second phase, etc...


      I want to make sure that a date being entered into a date field must be after the previous date (i.e. - First Phase ≥ Origin dates), and that no date entered is after the current date.


      Also - if the second phase field has no entry - then the default should always be the current date.


      Anyone know what the calculation for this type of validation should be?


      thanks so much.





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          Your own post appears to give the answer to your question.


          For example: set a validation ( in field options dialog in Manage Database | Fields ) for First Phase as


          First Phase Field ≥ Origin date field.


          You can create your own validation message to appear when the validation is triggered. You could also use: self ≥ Origin date field.