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validating a date field

Question asked by eibcga on Jan 15, 2012
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validating a date field


I have a date field which is used to track the date a financial transaction has reconciled with a third party, or when the related goods or services have been received or delivered.  The "reconcile date" should not be a date that is on or before the payment date.  The validate by calculation has the following formula:

reconcile_date  ≥ Journal::date_jrnl

Since the result is Boolean (true/false test), and I have the user cannot override during data entry set, I have a problem when I delete the value in the reconcile_date field so it's blank or null.  I would like to make the validation rule mandatory, but I must make it optional, otherwise I'm stuck in a loop.    FMP says, "Non-zero values are true, zero and empty values are false".  I dont' want an empty value to be false!  Can't I somehow work around this validation so that it only validates if the field has a value?  If the field is blank, then validation is not relevant.  Thanks.