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Validating database data

Question asked by marksystech on Jul 11, 2014
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Validating database data


     Hello all,

     I'm converting databases for a client from FMPV5 to FMP13.

     I've found that I can go from V5->V7->V12 file formats and in the process FileMaker converts the database.   From what I can see it appears to work ok but the second half of my effort will be to confirm the few scripts and layouts work as they did in V5 and correct issues we come across.

     Like any database the data in the database is extremely valuable to the client so I'm looking to basically validate that the data is identical between FMPV5 file and the converted V12(13) file.

     First question:  Are they any tools that do such a thing?  IE I'd love to have a tool that I can point to the V5 file and the V12(13) file and have it iterate over the records and confirm that data in the records is the same.

     Second question:  If there is no external tool that will do such a thing can I do such a thing using two scripts?  One script in the V5 file that computes say a massive CRC on the data, then another in V12(13) that does the same thing?  Theoretically if the numbers are the same the data is the same.

     Third question: If I can do 1 or 2 then I guess I can export data from V5 to a file, run a program I write on that file to evaluate the data.  Convert the V5 to V12(13) export the data again and run it through the same external program.   I should get the same evaluation.

     I'm open to better ideas.  I know FM gives a conversion log but I'm not sure that will be good enough for my client.  I'll have to ask.  They run under some strict ISO and documentation requirements.

     Thanks in advance!