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Validating Dates in an Event Management Database

Question asked by GregMcGrath on Nov 29, 2012
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Validating Dates in an Event Management Database


     I have created an Event Management database to manage events within a Conference and Arts Centre.

     I want to be able to have a screen where a user enters a start and end date to call up pre-booked events within that range to ensure that we do not double book a venue.

     I started out by building a calculation: "Match Date" where Date ≥ Start Date and Date ≤ End Date. Start and End dates are global fields in the Diary file.  I then created a Calc field that is called "Matching Dates" which is simply a calculation that returns  "1"

     I then created a relationship between the Original "Diary" file and a "Diary 2" file (same file) linking the "Match Date" calculation with the "Matching Dates" field. 

     I created a new layout with the Diary as the primary file and "Diary 2" as the list of fields for the portal. However it does not work. When I enter the start and end dates it returns nothing.

     I am stumped and looking for help.