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validation = not empty

Question asked by BorisKamp on Sep 8, 2013
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validation = not empty


     Hi guys, 

     I have some wierd problem (for you it might make sense :P )

     I have a few field in my record that I want to validate not to be empty upon commiting record those are:

  •           Fund type
  •           street
  •           city
  •           state
  •           district
  •           etc.....

     For the fields Street, City and District I've setup a popup menu with values from another field ( I do this to prevent users from entering slightly different information such as Greenview or Green-view, you'll get it.

     For the users to add a street, city or district that is not yet in the list, I've setup a button with a script to create a popup window for them to create a new street, city or district. when entered they can click the "add" button to commit and close the record (popup window). after adding, they can select it from the pop-up list. 

     I find this a great way but got my first conflict! When I set the above mentioned fields to validate with the requirement of "not empty" in the validation tab , Filemaker validates them when A user clicks the "Add" button to add a street , district or city in the popup window where they add them...


     How can I fix this?