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Validation before saving record  based on two fields

Question asked by yomango on Apr 14, 2013
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Validation before saving record  based on two fields


     Hello out there. I have tried the following validation using all type of permutations but I can't get it to work all the time: 

     I have two fields: when in a field the word "approved" is typed in, the field Email needs to be populated. The record can't be saved if the condition is not met and a message should pop up: "You must enter email"

     Since the validation custom message works when the validation fails, and I am using a Calculation to validate data, it seems to me as if I have to write the calculation "the opposite" of what I want. If the calculation goes: Field1="approved" and Not IsEmpty(Email), any data that does not match the calculation will produce the Validation message". So, that calculation does not work.

     The calculation: Field1≠"approved" and Email=" ", will produce the message when I type  any other word in field1 and populate EMail. Does not work either. 

     And many other permutations I've tried. Can somebody help, please? I can make a trigger script to work when the "approved" word is typed in Field1, but that does not stop me from moving into another record if I do not comply.


     Thank you