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Validation for field values inconsistency on import.

Question asked by jenh on Apr 20, 2010
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Validation for field values inconsistency on import.


Using FileMaker pro Advanced 10. 


We import data intermittently throughout the week.   200 - 500 records typically with each import. 


Many (not all) of the fields imported should have the same value for each record for that import.  We would like to see a message if all field values for the records in an import are not the same.  (We do not want to change the value)


For example, if location is a field name and the value should be Disneyworld for every record in this import but one or two are Disneyland, we need a message to alert us that not all location field values are the same for all records.   (Value of these fields will be different for each import, we just want to be alerted for each import if there are field values that are NOT all the same.)


In "Manage Database" I set the Validation tab for the field options to "always", "existing value" and  "Display custom message if validation fails"  (with a message).  This does not show any results.    


Any suggestions or references are appreciated.  Thank you.