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    Validation for several fields



      Validation for several fields



      I am currently designing a reminder solution with a couple validation calculations/scripts...

      I'm working with four fields that require validation under certain conditions:

      Reminder Date and Mailing Due Date should be selected at same time/upon creation.

      I have a survey mailed date that needs to conicide with a radio button "Sent"/"Not Sent"...


      I have tried "If" "Survey Mailed" is empty = true or "not sent" = true; not empty and "sent" = false, thus triggering validation.  However, I am still recieving a validation if "not sent" is selected. 

      Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?

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          Maybe you didn't type quite what you meant, but the If statement should look like:

          If (field1 = "some value" or field2 = "some other value, ; Value if true ; Value if false )

          The statement in this case should look something like:

          If ( IsEmpty (MyTable::SurveyMailed) or MyTable::SurveyMailed = "Not sent" ; 1 ; 0 )

          Note the values MyTable::SurveyMailed are the fields, not the values contained in them.  This expression will evaluate to true if the SurveyMailed field is left empty, or set to "Not sent".

          The validation can actually be shortened to just:

          IsEmpty (MyTable::SurveryMailed) or MyTable::SurveryMailed = "Not sent"


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             Thanks for the help!