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Validation Issue

Question asked by j_morris on Dec 12, 2012
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Validation Issue


     I'm having an issue with a validation and wonder if someone can advise.

     Users choose from 2 separate dropdown fields the month and year they are entering data for. I then have a separate field that combines the month and year info via a calculation as a way to verify if data has already been entered for a particular time period.

     I have validation on the time period field, but the field does not exist on the layout. See the attached screen capture for the settings I used.

     So my question is actually 2 parts.

     1. After selecting the month and year, if the user tabs to the next field or clicks in the next field, the validation does not activate. However if the user after entering the month and year then clicks outside the field (like the background) but not in another field, the validation works and the warning message is displayed.

     So how can I get this to work via a tab movement or click into another field?

     2. If the validation fails and the message pops up, the user is offered 2 choices, Revert Record and OK. Regardless of which choice is made, another popup appears saying "Revert all changes to this record since it was last entered?" and the choices are Revert and Cancel.

     Is there a way to avoid the second popup if they clicked OK on the first one so that they can correct the record? The whole revert thing can really get confusing for some users.