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Validation issue..

Question asked by leesan on Nov 16, 2009
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Validation issue..


Good day!

I've got a question here.


I have 3 table; Job(job_id, product_name), Costing(cost_id, job_id, cost_amount, status), Quotation(quotation_id, job_id, quoted_amount) and these  

tables are linked using job_id field.


A job needs to be recorded first. Then costing will be made for this job. To create a quotation, costing must be completed first.


I need help on how what command to use or how to solve this problem so that I can create a quotation from Costing layout. 


To create a quotation:

    1. Check if a quotation for a job is already created.

    2. If already created, promp a message "Quotation already created!"

    3. If not created yet;

            3.1 If Costing status != "Complete", prompt message "Cannot create Quotation. Costing is not completed."

            3.2 If Costing status = "Complete", create a quotation for specified Job and Go to Quotation layout.


Please help..:manhappy: