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Validation of relation between two fields

Question asked by droths on Oct 12, 2011
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Validation of relation between two fields


I am a newbie, evaluating FMP11 for a distributed company environment. One problem I have is with validating conditional value lists. I am able to created two tier lists such as Product category > Item (ie filtered to only show the category's items. (eg However, I cannot find a way (or a help function) for the system to FORCE a correction of the subsidiary (item) field if I then edit and change the parent (category) field from a dopbox or popup. eg
If Tools - Hammer is set and I change Category to electrical and exit, Hammer still shows, but is incompatible. I have tried the various validation settings but to no avail. I presume that some algorithm or script will be necessary. This is a key data entry requirement and I am sure embedded somewhere in the documentation. Hope someone can help