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Validation using Scripts and Script Triggers

Question asked by Frinholp on Mar 24, 2011
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Validation using Scripts and Script Triggers


Hi all

I'm having a little trouble here trying to validate fields using the  OnObjectValidate Script Trigger. All aspects of my validation script  works well apart from my test if a field is empty. If a field has not  been modified the OnObjectValidate does not trigger the script when  tabbing out of the field.

I have used on OnObjectExit Script Trigger to run a script that solely  checks if the field is empty which solves the problem to an extent. The  problem arises if the user never actually enters that field by using  mouse rather than tab.

I do not wish to use the native validation for mandatory field as I would like all my dialogs to use the same format.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance