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Validation when using a sign-in system

Question asked by AndrewClarkson on Oct 31, 2010
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Validation when using a sign-in system



I've created a sign-in / sign-out database for volunteers at my local fire station.

I've set up the process and scripts with help from some forum members. Currently, I have validation when members sign out, but not sign in.

For example if a member signs in twice - they receive a notice when they try and sign out, that they forgot to sign out last time.

But I'm trying to set up some sort of validation on sign-in, so the database will check to see if they have already signed in before recording the new record.

My process is: New record created / member enters ID number / Looks up member name from other table / gets time / back to main menu.

I'm new to Filemaker, so any suggestions for how to check to see if a member has signed in would be really appreciated. Thanks!