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    Validation when using a sign-in system



      Validation when using a sign-in system



      I've created a sign-in / sign-out database for volunteers at my local fire station.

      I've set up the process and scripts with help from some forum members. Currently, I have validation when members sign out, but not sign in.

      For example if a member signs in twice - they receive a notice when they try and sign out, that they forgot to sign out last time.

      But I'm trying to set up some sort of validation on sign-in, so the database will check to see if they have already signed in before recording the new record.

      My process is: New record created / member enters ID number / Looks up member name from other table / gets time / back to main menu.

      I'm new to Filemaker, so any suggestions for how to check to see if a member has signed in would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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          You can have the member enter or scan their ID number in a global field. Then use a script to perform a find for existing records and check those records to see if this is a second sign in. If a single record records both time and in and time out, an ascending sort on the sign out field will make it the first found record in the table if it is blank. If they haven't already logged in, create the new log record and proceed. If they have, pop up your error message and do what you need to handle the issue from there...