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    Value List



      Value List


      I have a value list that shows customer names from  the table customers and the list contains the same company name, but located in different areas. When I create an invoice using this value list it will show only one company name in one location and not all the companies with the same name in different locations.


      I have the value list set to show the company name and the location. But it only shows unique values for the company names.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          When the Value List is sorted, FMP only shows unique values. That's just the way FMP does this. Not what I'd prefer at all, or am used to with other database managers. However, you can work around this by creating another field in the Value List's source table, where you concatenate the Company Name with the Location, and then have the Value List build itself off that field. It can be Calculation field set to store its value based on a formula like this:


          CompanyField & ", " & LocationField

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            Yes, I agree with this solution.


            I made a serial no for each outlet in each location, I then concatenated the Outlet name + Location. In the Value list I Choose the serial no as the first field and the outlet name as the second field and sorted by the second field.





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              hello, i'm sorry to butt in, i don't know where i\ll post my problem. i'm a beginer and using FMP10 adv. i,m creating patients database in our clinic. i have 3 field named: country, city and region- i would like to know how can i make city field values correspond to country value and region field values correspond to city value? like when i click US as country value it would show only states of US in city field, and when i choose a certain state it would show only regions or provinces of that certain state in the regions field. i tried something suggested from this forum but when i change input value in to city and region in one record all records change to that same value. please i need a lot of help.................anyone?

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                   Do a search for conditional value list.