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Value List

Question asked by sk on Jan 25, 2010
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Value List


I'm not sure why I have such trouble grasping this concept...


I have a Products table and a Suppliers table. In the primary table (Products) I want to be able to click on the SupplierID field and have it fill in the SupplierName for that particular Product.


Right now I have a TO of Supplier (product_SUPPLIER) linked to the Products table like this:

Product::_kf_SupplierID = product_SUPPLIER::__kp_SupplierID


For the field in the products table I have "product_SUPPLIER::__kp_SupplierID" and "product_SUPPLIER::SupplierName". I have set up the value list for the "product_SUPPLIER::__kp_SupplierID" field to be:

"product_SUPPLIER::__kp_SupplierID" and show second field "product_SUPPLIER::SupplierName", show all values.


Can anyone explain to me what I'm doing wrong and what is the basic rule for doing this?


I'm running Filemaker 10 Advance on Mac OS 10.6.2.


I've had to muck a little bit in the past with filemaker, so I'm not too unfamiliar with it, but sometimes it makes me feel real dumb...


Thanks for your help!