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Question asked by dinora on Feb 1, 2012
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Value List


I am working on a medical database.  I have the name of the Pathogen agents, such as Brucella, Chicken Pox etc

I have the type of pathogent agents they are, ie. virus, or bacteria

So on my pathogen table I enter the name of the toxin ie. Chicken pox and then I assigned the type as a bacteria for example

I have a third table where I am defining a pair of elements and the first thing I do is select if is a virus or bacteria.

The second step will be to name the virus or bacteria.  What I want is to be able to just display the virus names assuming in the field before  I selected the virus a a type

I hope this is clear.  I have a value list and it works when I am asking it to display all values but it does not work when I ask it to include related values starting from,,,

Thanks in advance