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Value list

Question asked by yomango on Jan 23, 2013
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Value list


     Hello everybody. Here again looking for guidance. I have a global date field used as a quick find field  with a trigger by value listing the Ship Date (main value of the list) and the Shipping Type (air, ship, etc). The main problem is that if there are more than one record with the same date and different shipping type, the value list only lists one date, the first date of all the same dates.So records with the same date and different Shipping type do not show on the value list. Just one date (I guess the first one the file sees in the records). The search result is fine, it shows all records with the same date but with many records having the same date the result becomes cumbersome Is there a way to overcome this problem. And a second question: is it possible to have the value list to show the newest date on top of the list (sort of a sorting command)? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.