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           Hello everybody. Here again looking for guidance. I have a global date field used as a quick find field  with a trigger by value listing the Ship Date (main value of the list) and the Shipping Type (air, ship, etc). The main problem is that if there are more than one record with the same date and different shipping type, the value list only lists one date, the first date of all the same dates.So records with the same date and different Shipping type do not show on the value list. Just one date (I guess the first one the file sees in the records). The search result is fine, it shows all records with the same date but with many records having the same date the result becomes cumbersome Is there a way to overcome this problem. And a second question: is it possible to have the value list to show the newest date on top of the list (sort of a sorting command)? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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               Your value list will only enter the date, not the shipping type, so why does it matter if duplicate dates do not appear?

               Value lists that draw values from a field will always be listed in ascending order, either by the first field, or, if specified by the value in the secondary field.

               There are ways to "force" a different order but they require either using the secondary field as an invisible "sort" field or by including a number or letter as the first character of one of the fields supplying data to your value list.

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                 Thank you for your prompt answer. I do not see a way to supply a number or letter to the first character of the field used from the value list since the field is a date field. Now, is there a way to show in the value list two same dates with a different second field value? Thanks again

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                   I see no purpose in doing so. Since you are only searching by the date, why do you need to see the same date twice?

                   Getting a reversed sort order for your dates would be very difficult but in theory, including a value in the field could be made to work if you used a script that extracted the selected value from the field with the extra 'sort' value omitted to use as search criteria in a find or quick find.

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                     First of all, thank you for your time. As I initially said, in a single date I could have two or more shipment types one by air, two by boat, one by land, so I want the value list to show all. Since the value list shows information from two fields (ship date and shipment type) the value should show: 1/1/2013 Air, 1/1/2013 Boat, 1/1/2013 Boat, 1/1/2013 Land. Right now the value list will show only one date and shipping type, the first one I typed in, in this case 1/1/2013 air. Let's say I just want the boat shipments, I can't. The quick find will show all four shipments. So when there are tens of shipments in a single day I have to scroll to look for the particular shipment type I am searching for. Does it make sense?

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                       You seem to be capturing a global date value as a search criterion.  Then searching by it, and finding all the results that match that date.  But your problem is that the records found are for that date ok, but for several shipment types. And you want to be able to find only records for that date, and a particular shipping type.

                       If you only enter one search criterion (the date) how would the file know which Shipment Type records to search for?

                       Have you constructed a field already that shows bothe the date and the Shipment Type?  It seems to me that you think entering one value in the global field should somehow be able to determine also the Shipment Type you intended to search for.

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                         You miss my point.

                         If this were possible in FileMaker, you'd see lists of dates and shipment types, but the result from using the contents of this global field to find records will be exactly the same as the current value list of only one value for each given date.

                         The quick find finds all for shipments because only the date is being used to find records. The shipment type is ignored. Data from the secondary field of a value list is not entered when a value is selected.

                         You'll need to use a different approach to search for a record with a specific date AND shipment type. For example, you could use two drop down lists, select a shipment type in the first list and then select a date in the second. The second list can be a conditional value list that only shows dates that exist for the specified shipment type.

                         You can also set up a portal that lists dates and shipment types and then the row of the portal can be turned into a button that uses two set field steps to specify a date and a shipment type as your search criteria.

                         You could also set up a calculation field that combines shipment type and date into a single field for use with your value list. This could then enter the needed date and shipment type, but the result is not likely to be aesthetically pleasing and the resulting quick find will fail to find any records as you need to specify different search criteria in two different fields.

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                           Let me thank Sorbsbuster for taking his time to comment, the value list does show both the date and the shipment type, but only one time. If I have more shipments by some other way than the first one I typed in, the value list does not show them.

                      PhilModJunk, I will take your advise on the portal. I did try setting up a calculation field by concatenating ship date and shipment type to show on the value list but the application warns me that it can be indexed and does not show the concatenated field in the value list. And as always, I'm in debt with you. Thanks a lot.