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      Value List


      When a Value List uses a field for it's value how does one have it only use the current information in the field and no previous information?

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          Wouldn't that produce a value list with just one value?

          Can you describe what you want to do in more detail?

          A typical use values from field value list will produce a list of all values from all records in the specified table from the specified field(s) with duplicate values omitted and sorted in ascending order.

          This can be reduced to just a sub set of the records supplying values to the value list (could be only one record) if the appropriate relationship is set up and the "include only related values" is specified in Manage | Value Lists.

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            It is very possible to have a field produce multiple values i.e.

             ( If ( S_CRS_Other Total logged ≥ 1; "Other¶"; "" )) & ( If ( S_CRS_Dives Skin Total logged ≥ 1; "A Skin Dive, Snorkel¶"; "" )) & ( If ( _dive count no SS total ≥ 1; "A SCUBA Dive with No Safety Stop¶"; "" ))  & ( If ( _dive count a SS total ≥ 1; "A SCUBA Dive with a Safety Stop¶"; "" )) 

            This example could result in a list of:


            A Skin Dive, Snorkel

            A SCUBA Dive with no Safety Stop

            A SCUBA Dive with a Safety Stop

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              This I know and this is why I asked the question. It's one of the techniques that I demonstrate in "Adventures in FileMaking - Conditional Value Lists". In my examples there, the primary key values of a script produced found set is then copied to a single field to serve as a value source for a value list.

              If you set up a self join relationship, matching the current record to itself, It's possible to use the "include only related values" option to limit the values to just those from the current record. This is, then just another conditional value list.