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Value List - Data Entry

Question asked by unc12 on Oct 24, 2009
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Value List - Data Entry


I am running FM 9 and providing IWP access. Have low to moderate DB skills.


I am not able to have a Value List function as data entry vehicle when accessing the database through IWP. I also included a commit script on the form, however this does not help. The form works when I directly input data into a duplicate data field, the same data field to which the value list is linked, when logged on through IWP. So the problem is not access privileges related or some other database related problem. It has to do with how Value Lists work in IWP. The drop down list - value list is available on the form. I am able to select a value and the selected value appears in the field, however if I do nothing or run the commit script, the value in the field reverts back to the value that was originally there.


The arrangement I have also works fine, that is the database accepts the Value list as a data entry vehicle in the regular database mode. It just does not work through IWP.


Any advise on this?


Thank you.