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    Value list and portal repetition issue



      Value list and portal repetition issue


      Okay I have a table, Contract_Table that is related to my Contracts_DBEs table which is finally related to my DBE_Table.



      I made a portal on my Contract_Table to show information from my DBE_Table. All was working fine except I wanted to have some other fields in the portal bring over information from the DBE_Table and fill it in. It was suggested to me that I create a value list. So I did, my value list is related to mt DBE_Table. The portal is working fine when I select a firm Firm ID number (1st portal field) the next 3 fields populate (name, ethnicity and gender). However my issue is that the Firm ID number is carried down to the next 2 portal lines.


      Is this happening because my values list is related to the DBE_Table by the Firm ID, which relates the DBE_Table to the Contract_DBEs table so I have the Firm ID listed 3 seperat times in 3 tables? Please let me know what I am doing wrong.