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Value list and Script trigger

Question asked by Alejosor on Jan 19, 2012
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Value list and Script trigger


Hello, I have a value list called "StatusOpt", which contains the following custom values...




In Process

Job done

Waiting for client feedback

Waiting for printing approval


Then I have a 

I have a field "JobOrders::Status" on my form, I display it as a "Radio Button Set".   This field Displays Values From "StatusOpt".


I have other layout with the name "Record List-JobOrders" and on layout enter I have a script trigger that does the following (see the image bellow). When the script is executed I can see all the records that are "In Process"

What I want to achive is that when the script is executed I could see records with more than 1 list value, for example:

"In Process" and "Approved" records.


Thanks in advance.


 Hi, How do i wtite in the script the bit after Set Error Capture (On)?