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VALUE LIST based on CLOSED jobs

Question asked by blewvelvet on Dec 13, 2011
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VALUE LIST based on CLOSED jobs

Post I have a PROJECT table.

We can Pull Down a menu  based on a value list to find jobs by PROJECT ID with the NAME combined so It looks like

"p110022 CLIENT NAME Blah Blah Blah"

in the drop down menu. (note..the first two digits is the year of the job) we change up the sequence so our next year project will be "p120001"

This pull down is great..until all those jobs are accounted for and closed down at the end of the year...and then just sucks as you have to pull down past over 100 jobs from the previous year.

These project records ALSO have a field which specifies that it is CLOSED and that it was a project field for the year it was opened AND closed - FIELD is PROJECT YEAR and we have "2011" in those project records.

So when 2012 kicks in..I would like to have my DROP DOWN MENU for projects clear of the closed and previous years.... and showing only NEW jobs for 2012 with our new PROJECT ID Sequence numbers.

Is this possible to do from Value lists?