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value list based on multiple fields...

Question asked by Annette on Mar 6, 2015
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value list based on multiple fields...


Hi...I was looking to see if it was possible to create a value list based on multiple fields. 

I have a table I call People...with fields called PeopleID, LMID, Name, Services (repeating field), etc.  I have a second occurance of the people table called LMID, which is related by People::PeopleID = LMID::LMID.

The reason I have this relationship is because on a layout based on people...I have a field where you can select the persons manager (LMID).  There could be several people associated to a manager.  There is also a portal (LMID) on this layout which shows all the staff associated to the manager if your viewing their record.  All works fine.

What I'm trying to do is create a value list which populates the Services and all the Names of people associated to a manager.  For example, in case this is confusing...five pepole records have John Doe picked as their manager.  When on John's record I see those five people listed in the LMID portal.  I also have three different services listed in the repeating Service field. 

On a different layout (which is related to the People table) I want to be able to use a value list which shows the five names and three services.  I can do it successfully with separate lists but is there a way to combine the two to one list?