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Value List behaving strangely

Question asked by StephenWilkinson on Feb 12, 2014


Value List behaving strangely


     I have a value list that reads dates from records related to the source table by a 1-1 join based on an integer field.

     The valueu list only works for dates where the day is lower than 12 - all records with a date greater than this appear as ? in the value list. For example, where the related records are 08/02/14 and 25/02/14, the value list appears as


     Has anyone encountered a similar problem? I wonder if it might be to do with the date representation - I'm in the UK, using dd/mm/yy format, but if the value list is trying to read mm/dd/yy that might account for it. But the dates are storing perfectly well in their table - using an output format of dddd mmm yy, for example, shows the correct date.