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Value list bug?

Question asked by Matty_1 on Aug 16, 2011
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Value list bug?


Hi there,


I am currently trying to setup a value list listing out all the names of the companies I have in my contacts.  In some cases the company names repeat them selves (but have different contact names and locations).  Knowing that value lists do not display repeated feilds I'm using the clientID as my first field and company name as my second.


Keeping in mind that a simple ClientID and company name wasn't enought to determine where the company is located I created a thrid field combining the company name with the associated city.  You would think I wouldn't run into any issues because both feilds contain unique entries but when I try to sort using the second field I lose entries but one.  Even stranger is the one that stays is a company name that repeats.  my calculation for the thrid field looks like the following:

Client & " " & City  //  I also had Client & ", " & City but was worried the comma was causing the issue.  Nothign changed when I removed it.


Is this a bug or any I missing something?