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    Value list bug?



      Value list bug?


      First at all, sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me.

      When I set a Value List using values from field displaying an ID number and values from a second field, if there are a duplicated value in the second field, the value list only shows one value. If I need to choose let's say a Client with the same name & surname as other even with different ID, I can't.

      Any hint to solve this issue?


      Thank you in advance.


      Juan Cardona

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          It is a built in limitation of FileMaker value lists and if you think about it, it is a pretty important limitation here.


          You have these values in your table from which the value list draws values:

          ID     Name
          2       George Jones
          1       John Smith
          3       John Smith

          If you click in your value list and see the above list, how do you know if you should select "1 John Smith" instead of "3 John Smith"?

          If you hide the first value to get:

          George Jones
          John Smith
          John Smith

          You have even less information to use in order to select a value.

          There are several ways to deal with this issue:

          1. Put a Unique Values validation rule on the name field--this will prevent the creation of a second record with the same name--requiring the user to enter additional data such as a middle initial or a number to make the name unique. Of course, this only works if only one record for each name is permitted--and that is not always the way such a table is used.
          2. Use a calculation field that combines the name with additional fields such as an address or phone number to make the value in the second field unique.
          3. Use a name based value list or a search portal with scripts designed to handle duplicate values by presenting the user with a list of the matching names along with additional data so that the user can make a correct choice by clicking one of the names in the list thus presented.

          Here's a demo file showing several such script supported methods:  http://www.4shared.com/file/plr_jbkk/EnhancedValueSelection.html

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            Thanks Phil, I'll ad a unique suffix to the names, already have a unique field content to prevent repetitions.