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Value List Built From Separate Fields Taken From Current Record Only

Question asked by illumine on Nov 6, 2014
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Value List Built From Separate Fields Taken From Current Record Only


INTRODUCTION  I'm in the middle of developing a FM DB to help Special Education Preschool Teachers manage the enormous data collection requirements levied by federal and state regulations (think Common Core), as well as manage general day-to-day classroom activities not already managed by existing data-management software.

SUMMARY My particular problem here relates to the need for a constrained dynamic value list which will then populate a pop-up menu.

BACKGROUND  Teachers must have parental permission to photograph each student (of course, some don't give it).  The DB solution has a container field on the "Student Detail" layout meant just for the student's photo. Immediately next to this container field I have placed a button that controls a popover which hosts fields related to the "Permission to Photograph" document the parents opt to sign for the school. One of the fields is the name of the authority figure (parent or legal guardian) who gave written permission to allow official photography of their child.

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS  I want this field to be a pop-up menu populated with a list of up to three values that originate in three separate fields: "Parent 1," Parent 2," and "Legal Guardian" located in the same "Student" table.  Further, I want this value list to be values in those fields from that one (current) record ONLY.

RELATED THOUGHTS  It doesn't appear to me that the built-in FM value list management feature provides for the option to gather values from three separate fields and from the current record only.  As such, my guess is that I would have to build a script that dynamically executes via scrip trigger from each of the three fields and places that list into a field specially designated for this purpose.  My pop-up menu would then take its values from the special field.  Online research also leads me to believe that a self-join may help to solve this problem from a different angle than described above.

Am I on the right track?  Any advice is welcome.


FMPA 13, skill level: novice to low-intermediate