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Value List can't find existing record

Question asked by tunesmith on Apr 2, 2014
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Value List can't find existing record


     Hi, I am on a layout that reflects Table "Recordings", which is many-to-many related to "Rehearsals 2" through "RecordingRehearsal".

     I have a popup menu that displays data from RecordingRehearsal::rehearsal_id .

     This popup menu gets its values from a Value List:

  1.           First field: RecordingRehearsal::rehearsal_id
  3.           Second field: Rehearsals2::Session Date

     In this particular example, I am looking at recording_id 347, which maps to one rehearsal, rehearsal_id 78.  I have verified that that Rehearsal record 78 exists, and that there is a row in RecordingRehearsal mapping 347 to 78.  (There are also twelve other recordings that map to rehearsal_id 78.)

     The problem can be described in a couple of different ways.

     First, my table view for Recording looks like this (leaving out other columns and rows):

                    recording_id                     ::rehearsal_id
                    332                     10/5/2007
                    333                     10/6/2007
                    334                     10/6/2007
                    347                     78
                    348                     10/15/2007

     The other twelve recording_ids for that rehearsal also show "78" for ::rehearsal_id instead of 10/11/2007.  I don't know why these rows have different behavior.

     The other way it can be described is that the popup menu can't find 10/11/2007 in the value list.  Before I click on the menu, it says "78".  (Recordings from other rehearsals show the date.)  When I click on the menu, it goes to the top of the menu of dates, with nothing pre-selected.  10/11/2007 does not show up in the menu.

     If I pick 10/15/2007, then the RehearsalRecording row that used to say 348 / 78 is updated to 348 / 79, as expected, and the above table view will show 10/15/2007.  The popup menu will show "10/15/2007" instead of 79, and clicking it will show that the "10/15/2007" row is pre-selected.  Then, I can edit RehearsalRecording directly to change 79 back to 78, and the above table view will show 78 again, while the popup menu reverts to the prior behavior.

     I've tried deleting and recreating the relationships in my relationship graph.  No change.

     Why/how did this happen and how can I fix it so that the popup menu will show the date, so the date will be pre-selected, and so that the value list will find this particular rehearsal?