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    Value List Capability Question



      Value List Capability Question


      I have a database that tracks our servers, modules and IP addresses.  I have received a request to now track License keys and this presents a problem of sorts.


      I have a MAINTENANCE layout that allows the user to input new Server names so that it automatically populates a  pop up with in another layout with the current server selection.  See the image below.

      I am wondering if it is possible to select the server, and have the IP, IT Server Name etc auto populate after the server selection is made.


      If Server #3 is pulled down from the drop down list, the fields should end up looking like this:


      Server Name       IT Server Name                  Server IP Address           Service License Key

      Server #3             Cherry                                 192.192.333                       NewKey-3


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          Once the server pop up is selected, the results on the Server Layout should look like this:



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            It's a matter of setting up the right relationships. See this link for two different methods, both of which require a relationship that correctly links to the data used to "auto-populate" once you've selected a server: Auto Fill

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              Thanks, Phil.  I will give it a good read in the morning.


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                Had a look at the link and I am not sure it addresses my need.  Perhaps I am not clear enough on how I am attempting to set this up.

                I have a relationship set up with the 2 TOs, thru the Sever Name. In my Maintenance List, it is basically a field that serves as a value list with each line ( made by carriage return) is a server Name. The Server Name is the LINK to the Report Page.  See attached.  In the Report page, I need to have it work such that, when I select the server, the rest of the information auto fills.  The fields are all linked to the Maintenance List TO.

                I used this situation for say, the CASE( ) function, so the user can add servers instead of coding in the servers in a formula. This was my first version, changed now due to different needs and requests.

                What is supposed to happen is... when you select the Server Name in Report Page.... The next field just opens the selection.  In the posted example, when BigBadServer is selected, the Virtual Server Name should auto fill and show BIGGIANTTEST...IP Adress should show the proper IP, which in the image, it does not.

                The Maintenance fields are just a text field, each line created by carriage return.

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                  Why on earth are you putting all of this data into a single field? That will really complicate the "auto-fill" that you need. I had assumed that I was looking at a portal with no borders specified for the fields and portal rows.

                  This really should be data recorded into separate records of a related table in a portal so that you can more readily handle each server and associated data as a separate entity.

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                    The user wants to ADD or DELETE information in a Maintenance Window. This is causing the re-write.  Plus, a need for tracking Licenses.

                    We have 4 Servers

                    Each server has anywhere from 12 to 18 dabases on them.

                    Part of the reports I have to generate is one that has just the 4 servers and their License keys.  I thought the Maintenance Layout worked for the Servers.

                    Having issues now with auto populate for the 12 to 18 database layouts.

                    May start again on this unless there is an easy fix.



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                      Everything that you describe in your last post can be handled with a portal instead of listing multiple items in a field. If you have a lot of data entered into a bunch of different records, you might use a script to move the data into a new table of related records.

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                        Yea.... this was a failed attempt.


                        I will try it another way.  Thanks for the information and help.