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Value List changes Foreign Key ????

Question asked by synergy46 on Apr 27, 2009
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Value List changes Foreign Key ????


I have 2 tables:     


 popup changes foreign key


This database is designed to allow for MORE THAN ONE PROPERTY to have associated transactions.  Everything works well except for....


I have a layout based on transactions.  It is a sub-summary report that breaks on  Transaction::Item


I put a popup in the header that is:  Transactions::PropertyID.FK with a value list of & Property::Address.

This works well.


The problem is that when I select an address in the popup, it changes whatever record I happen to be on to the PropertyID of the property selected.  In the example beleow, East Elm is property 4.  But the Benjamin Moore PAINT record previously was Property 5 but was changed to 4 as soon as I selected the East Elm property. As you might imagine, this screws up the report.  And, it happens BEFORE any script is run.  ie, it happens immediately AFTER the selection is made.

 Top row should be property 5

Got any ideas?