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Value list content filtering - One to one relationship.

Question asked by MeaCulpa on Sep 28, 2011
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Value list content filtering - One to one relationship.


Can someone please help me.


Question 1:


2 Tables: Shifts and Employees

We have four types of employees(A,B,C,D). 

I want to keep track of their shifts, and for every type I have a field (1,2,3,4) in Shifts table.

I want to have a pop up field that will display a list of employees of only the one particular type on each of the 1,2,3,4 fields.


Tried using the following:

In table "shifts" created four calculation fields resulting "A","B","C","D". In the Relationship Graph I used 4 multipredicate relationships ( Employees:kpEmployees = Shifts:kfEmployees  AND   Employees:type = Shifts:cA.....cB........cC........cD) in multiple table occurences. [My idea was to match A with A, B with B etc.]

Then to populate the 1,2,3,4 pop up fields I created value lists, one from each table occurence, but either did not come up with any results (show only related records) or got back the full employee list (show all records).


Any ideas?


Question 2:


To solve the above, I ended up having four tables (one for each type of employee), which works fine, but now I have a problem creating a united employee table with one to one relationships.


Tried doing the following:

I connected directly EmployeesA:kpEmployeesA = EmployeesAll:kpEmployeesAll (had no pigs feet), but the EmployeesAll table was not updating as I entered records on the EmployeesA table. (initially both kp's were auto serials, but then tried only EmployeesA as an auto serial and still nothing).


Can you please guide me step by step (literally) on how to make this united table work (one to one relationship)? 


Any ideas for either question (preferably both for future reference)?


Thank you.