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Value list context or filtered via relationship

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on May 22, 2012
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Value list context or filtered via relationship



I am trying to create a dynamic value list.  I have a table for saved Searches and want to create a value list of those searches to use on a different layout.  However, I want to filter on two values:  a binary flag for 'Shared', and then Searches that that user owns.  (Searches table includes a CreatorID.)

Creating a T.O. and relationship for the shared flag isn't that difficult:

Courses::_Constant1 = Searches::Shared

But how can I also incorporate the user's ID?  I would need to go from Users::UserID = Searches::CreatorID.  What is the context of the value list, though?  How can I determine/be sure that Users::UserID is for the current user?  (We use a global variable for most things.)  The value list definition screen doesn't let me define a starting point, nor incorporate multiple paths. 

Do I have to create another T.O.?  Doesn't seem like you could chain the two (shared and owned) because they aren't subsets; they have a region of union, but there may (probably are) many records that would fall outside that region.