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    Value List Default



      Value List Default


      Is there a way to set a value list so that one of the options in said value list is the default, and automatically appears when in browse mode?  Then the user could change the default to another item in the value list if need be.

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          Not exactly sure what your situation is, but you can set the field to Auto Enter the desired value from the value list.

          Then the default value will appear in all new records created.  Users can change the value upon browsing.

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            that worked perfectly, thank you!

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              Hey Gang,

              This thread is nearly a year old, but it's exactly what I need to do ... I'm in FM 11 .. and I can't figure out how to do this:

              "you can set the field to Auto Enter the desired value from the value list"

              Field Name:  Return Status
              Type:  Text

              The field is set to display data in drop down list with values from:  Return Status Value List.  (No, Yes, Complete)

              I want the default to always be "No", unless changed - but I cannot find where to set this up to automatically choose "no".

              In my field options, under "Validation" I have it set to include a "Member of value list:  Return Status".

              However, I don't see anywhere in the value-list setup to define a default?

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                You set the actual table field to the default value, not the value list itself.

                In Manage Database | YourTable | YourTable::ReturnStatus, click on Options for the ReturnStatus field.

                On the Auto-Enter Tab, the 5th selection down is Data.  Click on Data and enter No.  That will always show No as the default entry in the ReturnStatus field on your layout(s).

                Of course, double check that "Allow User to Override During Data Entry" is checked on the Validation Tab for ReturnStatus.