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Value list drawn from table, only show "active" records

Question asked by CliffCunningham on Feb 2, 2011
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Value list drawn from table, only show "active" records


To all:

I am brand new to this forum (as in, created my account not five minutes ago).

I have only been using FileMaker Pro 10 very lightly for the past year.  But, I come in with 10+ years experience working with and supporting MS Access.

I am developing a FileMaker database.

In that database, I created a table called Inspectors.  (It is a list of people who have volunteered to serve as inspectors for our department.)

In that table, I created a field called "Active".  That field must contain either a "Y" or a "N".

That table of inspectors currently serves as the source for a drop-down value list in another table/form.

So far, everything I've outlined above works respectably well.

However, right now, the drop-down lists shows ALL the records in the Inspectors table, even if they are marked as Active = "N".

But, I want to add a layer of intelligence to my value list; I still want it to point to the Inspectors table, but I want it to show only the records in that table where the Active field is marked = "Y".

Any suggestions or pointers about how I can get this done?  I would be most appreciative.

Regards, and happy Blizzard 2011.