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Value List Filtered Upon a Value List

Question asked by MayoVrba on Nov 25, 2010
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Value List Filtered Upon a Value List


I have a relationship created based upon a Table of Projects, Clients and Contacts.

The relationship is as follows:

Each project (A) has a relationship to a client (B) which further has a relationship to contacts (C).

A - AB_Rel - B - BC_Rel C (refer to Pic)

The end result is this assign a project a client, from that being defined the project than select an appropriate contact from a filtered list of possible contacts.

At this moment I cannot seem to get my list of contacts to filter correctly.

How can I do this?

Example Data:

3 Projects: Project A, Project B and Project C

3 Clients: Client 1, Client 2, and Client 3

3 Contacts: Contact One, Contact Two and Contact 3

Each Client is represented by a single contact (ie. Client 1 is represented by Contact One)

At this time each project can have 1 Client and 1 Contact (both defined by Value Lists)

Each Client can have multiple Contacts but the Contact has a value list which displays the Client that he /she is representing - uses the same Client list previously mentioned.

On the projects form I want the contact value list to be modified to only list contacts that are associated with the previously selected Client - if no client is selected than displaying all Contacts is acceptable. At this time displaying All Contacts is what is occuring.

I am still new at this stuff and I have tried using the Portal but that won't even display any choices from my table of Contacts. Eventually I will move to a portals becuase I may want to have more than one client or contact per project.