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    Value List Filtered Upon a Value List



      Value List Filtered Upon a Value List


      I have a relationship created based upon a Table of Projects, Clients and Contacts.

      The relationship is as follows:

      Each project (A) has a relationship to a client (B) which further has a relationship to contacts (C).

      A - AB_Rel - B - BC_Rel C (refer to Pic)

      The end result is this assign a project a client, from that being defined the project than select an appropriate contact from a filtered list of possible contacts.

      At this moment I cannot seem to get my list of contacts to filter correctly.

      How can I do this?

      Example Data:

      3 Projects: Project A, Project B and Project C

      3 Clients: Client 1, Client 2, and Client 3

      3 Contacts: Contact One, Contact Two and Contact 3

      Each Client is represented by a single contact (ie. Client 1 is represented by Contact One)

      At this time each project can have 1 Client and 1 Contact (both defined by Value Lists)

      Each Client can have multiple Contacts but the Contact has a value list which displays the Client that he /she is representing - uses the same Client list previously mentioned.

      On the projects form I want the contact value list to be modified to only list contacts that are associated with the previously selected Client - if no client is selected than displaying all Contacts is acceptable. At this time displaying All Contacts is what is occuring.

      I am still new at this stuff and I have tried using the Portal but that won't even display any choices from my table of Contacts. Eventually I will move to a portals becuase I may want to have more than one client or contact per project.


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          Your graph looks good, as far I can tell, so I suspect the Value List definition. It should be: Use values from a field, Contact Information::ContactID (p.s., why not not just name the table "Contacts"?); also show Contact::Name.

          It should "Show only related values," Starting from: "Project_Client".

          It should likely be named "project_clients_Contacts" (or similar, it could handle multiple Clients per Project, but would not easliy show which); it would really only work for a Project (or Project_Client, but from there it would be restricted to that one client).

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            Thanks - I missed out on the "Show only Related Values"

            Yeah I never used the Tables direct names in the relationship detailed above unless the table was coloured blue.

            All the data I created was typed in and I noted that my relationship tables are not populated too. So that explains why my drop downs for the Contacts are not populated. Now to focus on creating scripts to autopopulate the missing relationships.