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value list from calculation field

Question asked by JamesCasement on Jul 27, 2010
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value list from calculation field


I've moved to Filemaker from Access/mySQL and am having a few problems getting used to the way Filemaker deals with relationships between tables.


I have three tables: Clients, Companies and Jobs

Multiple clients can belong to the same company, so the Clients table has an intCompanyID field to relate it to the Companies table (which stores company name, address, etc)

Each record in the Jobs table has an intClientID field which relates to the client's name (Clients table) and the company name (Companies table through it's relationship with the Clients table).

I want to display the client's name and company together, as one field. I have done this by creating a calculation field in the Clients table which references the Companies table:

  txtClientName & " (" & Companies::txtCompanyName & ")"

This works fine in a list view for the Jobs table.

However, I would like to have a layout using the Jobs table to define a new job, and to be able to select the client name (with company name) from a dropdown list. I try to make a value list from the aforementioned calculation field but I get this error: This value list will not work because the field cannot be indexed

Any idea how to get this to work? Am I even on the right track in using a calculation field?