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value list from checkboxes

Question asked by jwilson on Apr 23, 2013
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value list from checkboxes


     This is apparently a simple task, but I am unable to get consistent results - sometime it works as intended, other times not.

     1. I have a field with a series of 10 check boxes, giving text results

     2.,On the basis of the checked boxes, I want to generate and use value list so that the items checked in the field above can be detailed via a relationship & portal on the same record & layout.

     3. I hvae set up a self join relationship which I think should generate the correct list based on checked items, but the value list only seems to update when I generate the next record, i.e. when I am inputing data on the current record, there is  no value list available in the drop down field when I go to the portal.  Should I make a new record and then go back to the previous one, this now has a the corrcet values in the drop down list in the portal.

     Is it possoble to force the updateing of the list without going to the next record?  or am I going about this in the wrong way?


     Can anyone push me in the right direction?  I used FM extensively a few years back but am now a bit rusty