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Value List from Contacts::Name Where Contacts::Type = "Employee"

Question asked by rh on Feb 7, 2014
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Value List from Contacts::Name Where Contacts::Type = "Employee"


     HI all

     I'm using a Value List showing results from Contacts::Name Where Contacts::Type = "Employee"

     The above is simple in SQL but in Filemaker, the closest thing I can find is a value list that returns names from Contacts::Name  when Contacts::Type = Matches::Employee

     or Matches::Company or Matches::Customer

     This works for record number one only. The rest of the records show an empty value list in the dropdown because my matches table on has one record.

     The alternative seems to be to set all the fields in table Matches to Global, but a shared Filemaker files does NOT save Global fields, meaning I have to repopulate the fields in the Matches table every time a user opens the file (possibly with a script?)


     Why do I even have to use a matches table for this?

     Am I missing something simple?