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Value list from external file

Question asked by MikeWile on Jun 20, 2015
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Value list from external file


I was wondering if there was a simple way to create a value list from an external file that is in fmp12 format. It contains both copyeditors and proofreaders. I would like to create 2 drop-down menus; one for copyeditors and another to select proofreaders.John and James should be the only ones that show up in the copyeditors list. Mary, James, and Sally should only show up in the proofreader list.

I can think of one way to accomplish this but it involves adding new fields to the main record and there are already 800 fields and 52,000 records.

I thought the folk here might have a simpler solution that I am missing. The screenshot is a simple version; the list is actually pulling over 90 names. Quite a drop down to go through. Only about 30 of the names are copyeditors or proofreaders, split about evenly. So having a list of 15 names versus the 90 that it shows now would be great.